Is a lasting peace possible in the Middle East? There

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Is a lasting peace possible in the Middle East? There are many people who say lasting peace is possible in the Middle East, and then there are people who believe that lasting peace in the Middle East is impossible. This second group of people I happen to agree with that lasting peace in the Middle East is impossible.

Sure, I have to agree that there could be temporary peace in the Middle East, but the problem with that peace is it's only temporary. Lasting peace is very hard to come by; I don't think there is a place with lasting peace. We thought the United States had lasting peace but then September 11th occurred, and we came to the realization that we do not have peace in our society. During the aftermath of September 11th we as a nation started to look down at those who appeared to look like they are from Afghanistan, or who are Muslim.

Some of us didn't only look down on them we also attacked them with slander, we attacked them with violence. As we witnessed in our own nation, our so called peace was shattered within a matter of hours. Now after what happened in our nation how can we say that lasting peace is possible.

The same sort of thing has happened in the Middle East, where someone from a certain group of people does something stupid and kills or injures many people from another group how can there not be conflict between these two people groups? They cannot go without conflict. This sort of thing is happening all over the Middle East today. We have all heard the random stories of people in the Middle East blowing themselves up in a crowded area of people from the opposite people group, killing themselves and many innocent people. The questions I ask myself when I hear that happen is "Why? What would bring a person to that point of blowing themselves up? What points are they trying to get across because blowing yourself up doesn't really help either sides of the conflict." As a Christian I tend to look at things in a different way, I believe in the Bible and what's said inside of it is true. In the Bible it talks about this everlasting war between these two groups and how the only time they will stop fighting is when this Treaty comes about, but this thing about the treaty is that it only gives temporary peace for about 3 and a half years. Then the treaty is broken by the Anti-Christ(a person claiming to be God or the False Messiah). Then in another 3 and a half years is when Jesus will come back for his second coming, and then there will be peace.

One major thing I have learned from this, is that the war is not about the land that Israel occupies, its about the whole destruction of the nation of Israel. We know its not about the land because of when Barak and Arafat were at Camp David Barak said he would give Arafat 90% of the land that the nation of Israel occupies if it would give them peace and Israel would be recognized as a nation, but Arafat refused.

I have come to the conclusion that peace in the Middle East cannot be permanent, but it is possible to have peace, but it's only temporary.