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Lifestyle As if moving away from home isn't hard enough as it is, I am no longer going to be with my old friends. I'll have to meet new people and form new friendships with these people who have come to the same place as me, with the same goal as me; To start their lives as adults and learn materials that will enrich their mind and lead them into a stable life in "the real world." How am I going to meet new people and once I've met my "new" friends, what will we do on the weekends? What will I do on my free time? Hopefully, the Greek System at University of Southern California will help me figure out the answers to all my questions about life beyond the classroom.

Faced with a new school, new people, and new surroundings, the best way to meet people seems to be through the Greek System.

Becoming a member of a Sorority would increase my chance of meeting people with the same interests as me. When entering USC, the student can go to the Greek Open House and choose which Sorority they want to be in1. Once I am part of one, I can easily meet people through orientation meetings, activities, and of course parties! Being a member is not only parties and fun. There is also working as a volunteer in the community by participating in charity fundraising so my free time will not only be spent socializing.

As a college student, I will most likely be spending a lot of time doing work, but there is always room to spare. Since dance is a significant part of my life, I will be spending hours at the Edge Dance Studio, which is on Cole Avenue and Melrose.

Luckily, the Edge is only fifteen minutes away by car from the USC campus. I could dance from ten in the morning to about three in the afternoon every Saturday and go there on weekdays aswell. The rest of my free time could be spent being involved in community service. Within Los Angeles, there are many volunteer opportunities to help people in need or the environment. There is the LA Works program, which has long term, and short term projects2. I'm definitely not worried about keeping busy most of the time, but I'm still not sure what I will do on the weekends.

The best part of college is having the weekends free to do anything I want. But what to do, what to do? Being as USC is located in Los Angeles, there are a variety of things to do at night3. Westwood is only an hour from campus and there are movie theatres, coffee shops, and parties there. Since UCLA is in Westwood, it also has a "college" feel to it making you feel independent and as if you're on top of the world.

College is also nothing without a good party. My nightlife will be full of "frat" parties to maybe even holding a waitressing job at a nearby restaurant.

Sisterhood. For me, with college will come the Greek System, parties, new friends and community service projects. Basically, my lifestyle will be the "typical college life." Who knows, maybe I'll make amazing friendships and even find myself a boyfriend. College is just another word for "social life" and I intend on living it up.