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Leadership Styles

July 28, 2014

HCS 525

Maureen Wishart

Leadership Styles

Every individual possesses various leadership and motivation styles. Every style affects the workplace differently; therefore, supervisors must comprehend their particular style and how it influences their work environment. Many factors influence leadership. It remains important that supervisors understand how and why these particular factors alter their leadership style. I lack experience in the healthcare industry; therefore, my paper describes my supervisor friend in her healthcare profession and how she addressed a situation.

My Friend, the Supervisor and Leader

My friend, Hope, works as a shift leader at a local nursing home. Hope visited the nursing home often to visit family members. Ten years ago and several years of school, she decided to begin her healthcare path in a local nursing home. She handles daily situations and issues that relate to healthcare and staff concerns.

I chose the relational leadership to describe her style. The relational leadership style describes Hope perfectly. Hope enjoys being on the floor and maintaining direct contact with patients and staff members. She finds it boring to sit behind a desk. She enjoys communicating and introducing herself to current and new patients and staff. She listens to staff members when they talk about their families and hobbies. She cares for each staff member and patient. Hope understands the need for flexible health care systems. She reaches out to staff, patients, families, and physicians when something concerns her. According to Borkowski (2005), "contemporary nursing leadership skills should include the ability to create interconnections between and across caregiving settings and among multiple constituencies" (p. 174).

Hope demonstrates relational leadership by placing patient care first on her priority list. She continues to show staff and patients that she honestly...