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My school life was spent in China. I did monitor in the middle school and high school each for one year. During this time, I got some leadership skills and understand how to be a good monitor.

First, I found that as a monitor, you have to obtain the goal first, and then you can command the others. When in the middle school, our class failed in the summer sports meets. I complained that they didn¡¯t try their best, but nobody listened to me. I found the reason was that I even gave up the 800-meter race. Later I insisted on doing exercises everyday to prepare for the fall sports meet. Fortunately, many classmates came with me to run, jump after they understanded what I was doing. In the fall sports meet, we got the second place.

Then, in high school, I learned that I needed to consider things from others¡¯ point of view.

My classmate Bing was always late in the morning. The school didn¡¯t allow students to be late, so I blamed her, and she told me the reason. Her home was very far from our school, and these days her mother was ill, so she had to make breakfast for her. Everyday she had got up very early, but still kept being late. After listened to her, I found a friend who drived car to take her. Actually, later, what I got was not only her thanks, but also more support from the class.

So from the experience above, I learn to command myself before others, and I should also consider things from other people¡¯s condition. Otherwise, as a leader, nobody will support me.

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