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Executive Summary

The diary notes state that Diggett and Bildem Consulting Engineers, a consulting engineering services firm, has developed some serious issues from the leadership and involvement of people. Going by the quality management principles.

On the first submission of report form the steering committee on 15th November, it appears that the management has not set goals and clear conveying of ideas is lacking.

Poor organisational abilities are clearly reflected form the diary notes of the organisation. The involvement of staff is not up to the standards for implementing quality. The management is not using the ability of the organisation people to maximum. This is one of the core requirements of TQM because Roger, the company director, is complaining of lack of talented new graduates.

It is evident form the diary notes that organisation is spending capital on not so important issues such as "multimedia presentation" which is not the right practice towards implementing TQM.

The mission statement clearly states that the organisation is committed to meeting their client demands. But the diary notes do not have evidence of that to support the mission statement of the company.

There is no evidence of teamwork from the diary notes to achieve a particular goal or objective.

There is a serious lack of communication between the TQM teams, the steering committee and the structural engineering division. This is evident from the diary note (15th November) when Jack Ingress, the chief engineer of the structural engineering division conveys to the TQM teams that they have not addressed the right issue. "Teams' project re-defined by senior management..." clearly suggests that the Steering Committee is itself not clear about the project goals, scope. This contradicts the mission statement.

Lack of leadership is the biggest problem because there are no regular Steering committee meetings as the...