What is Leadership?

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What is leadership? Over the past century scholars have agreed that they cannot come up with one common definition of leadership. Because leadership is such a complex concept, and constantly changing it has presented a major challenge to fully understand. While some scholars may argue that leadership and management are separate processes, others tend to emphasize the trait or skill aspect of leadership. Due to the many factors as growing global influences and generational differences, leadership will continue to have different meanings for different people. The book discusses different aspects and types of leadership, and concludes that leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.

As demonstrated above by the definition, leadership can be broken down and identified through several components; leadership is a process that involves influence, leadership occurs in groups, and leadership results in the attainment of common goals.

Leadership as a process means that a relationship exists between the leader and the followers. A leader affects and is affected by its followers. Leadership in this manner is unrestricted, and therefore available to everyone. Leadership as a process defines leadership as an interactive event, rather than a trait or characteristic residing in the leader itself.

The effect that the leader has on its followers throughout the process involves influence. Without influence, leadership does not exist because a leader should have an affect on their followers. Leadership involves influencing a group of individuals who have a common purpose. Groups are the context in which leadership takes place. A group is required for leadership to occur.

Leadership is about one individual influencing a group of others to accomplish a common goal. Beneficial leaders will direct their energy towards individuals who are trying to achieve something together. Therefore, the...