Leadership Concept Worksheet

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Leadership Concepts Worksheet

Charles C. Brown

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Leadership Concepts Worksheet


Application of Concept in the Scenario or Simulation

Reference to Concept in Reading

Team Building

After the team leadership meeting, members of the leadership team began to doubt the skills of the other teammates. Some of the teammates started trying to get other teammates by replacing the ones they assumed were the weak links. This change was thought to be a way of improving the company with new changes.

"Team building is a catch-all term for a whole host of techniques aimed at improving the internal functioning of work groups" (Kinicki and Kreitner, 2003, pg 73)


During the leadership team meeting of Gene One there was no cohesiveness in the company. The March 8, 2005 team meeting displayed the team leaders as being upset and combative because of the various point of views that the team members had. The IPO transformational process was one example of different view points where some team members felt supportive and reluctant towards that transformation. Different groups formed after this meeting that lead to segregating teams.

"Cohesiveness is a process whereby a sense of we-ness emerges to transcend individual differences and motives." (Kinicki and Kreitner, 2003, pg 15)

Workplace Values and Ethics

In Angelas' Thomas resignation letter she spoke of the workplace value that she gained from working as a part of the Teri Robertson's team and conducting some meaningful breakthrough research. Then Dons' reaction to the Board members displayed the ethics that he had towards the team by not just wanting to let the team members go just because of the SEC requirements or the differences.

The values in the workplace "acceptance, indifference, passive resistance, and active resistance…are the sources of behavior change in...