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Leadership Versus Management

"Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible" (Gen. Colin Powell)

In the text book Management: The New Competitive Landscape management is defined in the four functions: planning, organizing, controlling and leading. (Bateman/Snell, pg 15) A function of managing, therefore one could conclude, is leadership. Pieter Droog contradicts this statement. He says managing can be done without leading.(Droog, 1) Management in essence is the mundane procedures such as

scheduling, training, bookkeeping and the likes that make a business operate. Management according to Miriam-Webster is defined as "the act or art of managing : the conducting or supervising of something (as a business)". This more vague reference to the role of management makes no reference to leadership. So where exactly does the role of leadership fall in the management responsibility, and how?

"Managers provide resources...leaders provide vision and influence".(Burrs,pg2) According to Droog management has historically been promotion driven.

If you a re good at something you get promoted to management. A good engineer is often promoted to engineering manager, a good salesman to sales manager- with little if any regard to leadership skill. Leadership is by many individual's definitions much different than that of a manager. Management courses are available at almost any University, yet, leadership is expected to be learned on the job.

The idea of management and leadership as two separate and distinctive ideals, yet interdependent, has evolved predominately in the past decade. The business world in the

90's saw a great deal of downsizing. Many of the individuals layed off were middle managers who were in essence in the leadership training phase stripping many layers from the management chain.(Droog, 1) As the businesses began to recover and senior executives started retiring, the leadership resources were thin. At the...