The Legacy of CSA and Family Adversity

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The Legacy of CSA and Family Adversity



The Legacy of CSA and Family Adversity


This is a good title because it clearly outlines the topic under discussion. We can easily learn from the title that childhood sexual abuse affects the family adversely in the future once the child matures into adulthood. This is because the legacy of the horrendous sexual encounter still lives in their mind. The key phenomenon is the "Legacy" and the group under study is mature men and women who suffered sexual abuse during their childhood (Anderson & Anderson, 2010).


The abstract concisely summarizes the main features of the report, which are the purpose of the research-to describe how childhood sexual adversities affect the course of life of victims of CSA. It also shows the design of the research paper-use of the grounded theory design, and methods used in collecting the data.

It further outlines the findings from the analysis of the data and draws a general conclusion over the whole topic. Later on, there is an examination of these findings to determine how clinically relevant they are, and possible application for future studies (Davies, 2013).


The introduction of CSA clearly identifies the interests of the research paper. This problem statement is not ambiguous and one can easily understand, i.e. the legacy of CSA and its effects on the future life of the victim. CSA leaves an indelible mark in the minds of the victim and they may live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. this research also allowed the participants to have access to professional care (Korbin & Krugman, 2012).

Literature Review

The literature review report summarizes existing body of knowledge that relates to this problem. It shows the legacy of sexual abuse and...