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Legal Issue Final Research Project Paper

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BUS 415 - Business Law

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Internet and Employee Privacy

1. Introduction 3

2. How privacy laws affect the Internet as a whole 3

What are the laws domestically on a federal level? 3

What are the laws domestically on a state level? 4

How do the laws vary on an international level? 4

3. How privacy laws affect the Internet in a company 4

Customer Information 5

Employees access 6

4. How privacy laws affect employees 6

Personal information 7

Employee Emails 7

What do human resources say about privacy laws affecting employees? 8

5. Privacy laws in Internet ecommerce 8

Transaction data 9

Security and data protection 9

How do these laws affect a company both domestically and internationally? 9

6. Conclusion 10

References 11


Legal Issue Final Research Project Paper

Internet in the workplace can be a very debatable subject as it relates to business being conducted.

A great deal of employees come to work thinking that they can use the internet to the fullest extent, but in fact, many companies monitor employee activity online to assist with performance reviews and to determine where waste is taking place. On the Internet, employees check their personal emails and browse the Internet as if they were at home; many companies are enforcing policies to prevent employees from doing this.

When it comes to employees working on the Internet, where do human resource department draw the line? People lose their job over Internet abuse at work, because they are putting the company at risk. Depending upon the company, sensitive data is always in transit via email or on server for access, and if an employee is negligent, this information could end up...