Legislative Leadership

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Characteristics of Legislative Leadership

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The legislative process in the United States is a complex process full of checks and balances to ensure that each law passed in this country is in the best interest of its citizens. For a bill to become law it must go through many steps between its initial drafting, until the time the president signs it into law to ensure that the provisions of the bill have been adequately reviewed by those who the people have elected to represent them. The legislative process in the United States as well as the steps a bill must go through to become law.

Furthermore, the history of a specific bill, including the introduction of that bill, the major provisions of that bill, the Senate and House Committees which it was sent to for review and the final vote on the bill.


Characteristics of Legislative Leadership


Anyone in the United States can draft a bill, but only a congress man can introduce the legislation. The official legislative process only begins once the bill has been assigned a number and the 'introducer' is now known as the sponsor of the bill. Depending on where the bill is introduced, it becomes either a house or a senate bill. The bill is then referred to a standing committee which will assign it a place on the calendar. On the day assigned, the bill is then considered by the committee as a whole...