A Letter to the Past

Essay by spoonman419 August 2004

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"Now I want you to write a letter to me as if I'm a person who just came forward in time from the year 2004." A teacher walked around her desk as she talked to a room full of students.

It was a college classroom, with the seats set up in rows almost like a sporting event. On the middle of the large board was "Writing Assignment" in big letters. She leaned back against her desk. "I want you to tell them of the changes that happened between that time and this time, and how it helped us to become a greater nation.

I want you to only focus on one thing, think of it a chapter that would be added into a history book." One of the student's hand rose. "Yes."

"But how do we write a letter and a history chapter Miss Blake?"

"It was just an example Scott.

You're going to want to explain it to me as if I were reading a history book, so you'll have to pick a chapter you wish to write about, and then teach it to me." She got up and walked up to the first row of seats.

"Now I know some of you have actually lived through this, Nicholas...you're one, so I expect yours to be extra good." She laughed. Nicholas, a man in his early thirty's, who had come back to college to get a degree raised his hand. "Go ahead."

"What if we just mentioned the other major events to lead up to the cause of the subject we decide to write about?"

"That's fine, but what I mean is to try and focus on one subject...if you need to rely on another in order to get your point across then by all means." Nicholas nodded as...