A letter to Rosa Parks explaing my thoughts on how she helped Americans.

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Dear Mrs. Parks,

I would like to write you a letter telling how I feel about you. I feel that you are a very strong woman and someone that all Americans can look up to. I probably would never have had the strength to do what you did back on December first, nineteen fifty-five. When you refused to give up your bus seat to a man that was not a minority, which was considered disrespectful and wrong at the time. When you chose to take part in action most likely did not see it changing America, you probably seen it as just sticking up for your self and doing what's right. I look back and see this and I respect it and I am glad you could do this act of righteousness. You started a change in the laws that segregated blacks and whites in America. Even though it may have not been enforced and you may have been looked down upon at the time, now you are respected through out America, and known as one of the greatest woman in American history. I would just like you thank your kind act of generosity that has revolutionized the way America has thought about the equality of all men and races. You will be remembered in the hearts of all Americans today and for the rest of America's life.