Letter Thanking my Mentor and asking for Help Again

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Ms......., Mentor

Mentor Training Facility

1108 Nailing Drive

Tullahoma, TN 90632

Dear .....,

Thank you for all your help and guidance and being such a great mentor. I am writing again to ask you for your assistance and support in giving a very important presentation to the CEO and other high ranking officers of a company that invests in distance learning start-ups. My objective is to obtain a loan from them to start my own distance learning company.

The CEO and ranking officers are all between the ages of 40 to 50, both male and female, but mostly males. The total number of members that will be attending the presentation is ten. All of whom have their master degrees. They are all professional business people with an income of $90,000 a year.

I have talked to other business people to in their office to determine what type of presentation style to use, and how long the members expect a presentation to last.

I don't want to waste their time with my presentation. I want them to stay alert and interested in my new idea so they will be more than glad to invest in it.

Most importantly, after my presentation, the executive members will know why my company is the best one to invest in compared to all the other companies like mine. They will know how much of their money I will need to start my company, plus how long it will take me to pay it back.

In order for the executives to know what my company will do and how it is different from other companies, I will prepare a short presentation consisting of eight slides. This will ensure that the executives will hear and see the same information. By doing this, the audience will be able...