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Cohen 1

Alejandro Cohen

Mrs. Wu

History 8

April 18 2013

How my character would react to sections 18-2/8

After the Civil War many changes had to be applied to the south, and the north. What would the south do with their plantations if they had no slaves? How could they make cotton? Also what problems are occurring in the north and how would they make their clothing without cotton?

The North one the Civil war but still had some economic problems. Around 800,000 soldiers needed jobs, and they lost more soldiers in the Civil war than the south did. This would affect my character because he was a commander in the war so it would be hard for him to find a job now. Although the war was mainly fought in the south the north still faced economic problems.

Now that slaves were freemen, how would the south make their money.

Two thirds of southern railroads were destroyed in the war, the cities of Columbia, Richmond, and Atlanta had been leveled. Almost all southern banks were closed, and people didn't get their money back that they lend the confederacy. This would'n affect my character because he lives in the north.

When president Lincoln outlined the Ten Percent Plan my character was somewhat happy. My character did not like the south at all but he did want the union to be together once again. The plan was to reconstruct the south. This included amnesty or government pardon, to Confederates who swore loyalty to the union. This was a good decision by lincoln because it got the Union closer together.

When lincoln was assassinated April 14, 1865, my character was very sad and couldn't get this tragedy out of his head. How could someone do such a thing. My character thought...