Life comparsion of two Soldiers in WWII.

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My paper is a life comparison of two different soldiers during World War II. Throughout my military career we have always compared the situations of different military occupational specialties. Everyone feels that they have the toughest and most important job in the service. This comparison does not look at which job was tougher, but instead looks at the different backgrounds that these two individuals came from and the combat experiences that they both had.

These two soldiers came from very different parts of our country. Although both are only a year apart in age they took very different routes into the service. Jack Young who was from Cedar Falls, Washington was attending college when he decided to join the Enlisted Reserve Corps.

John D. Hinton was 18 and inducted into the Army in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia immediately out of high school.

Although John's memories do not include his background, it appears that he came from an agrarian lifestyle, but does state that he had never been away from home for more than a week.

Jack on the other hand, does write of his background. His hometown was about 45 miles from Seattle, Washington and was very involved in sports. He attended a small school with a graduating class of only 16, but obliviously had the opportunity to attend college. In college he began to feel restless and decided to join the service. Throughout life an individuals social economical status will usually have an effect on where their life will lead them. John and Jack took totally different routes immediately out of high school, but both would end up fighting for the same cause in Europe.

In the service John was an infantryman with the 29th Infantry Division who would lead the allied assault during D-day. Jack on the other...