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Life Experiences There is always a first time for everything. Everyone goes through first experiences. It's fun to go through the challenge of life and its experiences. All people will have different experiences, but that's what life is all about. The most important experiences I have ever had in my life are: coming from Mexico when I was five, meeting my father, and seeing the death of my Uncle Francisco.

I was born in Granada Hills, California. When I turned one I moved to Mexico due to my parents' problems. When I was five, I came back to start school. I met new people, had to learn a mew language, and eat new foods. It was hard to adapt to new environment, but I learned how to speak English, how to acclimatize with new people, and how they live.

On June 28, 2000 I met my father for the first time after thirteen years.

It was amazing to see how time passes by so quickly. Deep down inside I felt a part of my life came back to me. To see my father made me realized that I had accomplished my goal in life : to meet my father. This was my goal because I don't want to die not knowing who my father was. By meeting my father I learned nothing is impossible if you look beyond the surface Losing my Uncle Francisco had a big impact on my life. He was an important person in my family because he was a great role model for my cousins and me. He never did anything that would hurt others or him. He always taught me how to defend myself and have confidence. I will never forget what he did for me and how well he treated me. When I...