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"Over the course of the holocaust, beginning in the 1930's and ending with the end of World War II in 1945, somewhere between five to six million Jewish people was killed" (mostly in Germany and Eastern Europe). Adolf Hitler was "born in 1889 in Austria. Although not originally a German citizen, he fights in the German army during World War I," which began in 1914. To me Hitler was not the problem, the problem was all the people that believe him and followed because if Hitler had no one to believe him he would just be another person who hated Jews. The holocaust was not that far away from now roughly around 82 years ago, what makes us think it will not happen again when a leader doesn't like a certain race or religion. The boy in the striped pajamas a movie that include all the things that it needed and took things that it didn't, some say they could add more, I say it's perfect the way it is.

Germanys defeat in the World War I was seen by many Germans (including Hitler) as a result of betrayal by the weak political leaders and other enemies of the state. Because they stood out from the population at large, German Jews were popular targets for the blame. "They were accused by Hitler (and others) of undermining the war effort and working in safe jobs far from the front lines." Believe it or nor but Jews were in the germen army but many died or were wounded in action. But because they had a different ethnic and religious identity from that of the most Germans, they became a convenient scapegoat. The film didn't have Hitler as an actor but everyone knew that he was still...