Life Must Go On

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Doors slammed. Vases knocked over. Knees collapsed. I looked up from my bowl of fruit with dark, watery eyes…‘What will happen to Mum, we will always stick together,’ cried Father.

The death of my mother had changed everything.

‘Promise me we’ll always be together,’ Father moaned, ‘Also, I have figured out something that would help us get along with our life better.’‘I promise. So what’s the big surprise?’ I questioned with a little hope.

Suddenly, there was a clatter coming up the stairs. The door slammed open. Standing in the doorway was a woman with luscious lips, soft blonde hair, smooth skin and she had a fresh scent.

‘Dear, are we ready for lunch?’ the woman asked.

‘Um…uh…sure Monique Lets go,’ Dad replied and rushed over to join her. As the door shut, I stood up. My legs wobbled, I started to breathe in hard; threw my fist in the air and felt like my eyes were about to pop out.

What had happened to my family? It seemed like that I was losing them one by one. I looked out the window and saw the familiar couple kissing by a car. Oh how I felt that my mother and I were both betrayed by the person whom we loved and trusted. How would I ever think of taking in this person as my mother?Hours passed and the sun was about to set. There was no sign of my father returning home. All of the succulent foods that I had cooked were getting cold. Then, I was about to throw a bottle of wine at the door when it smashed open. Father returned all drunk.

‘I hate you!’ I yelled. I stormed into my room and locked myself inside, ‘That nasty woman. It was all of her fault!’The fog came under the door and almost instantly nothing in the room was visible. I heard sirens outside. Someone slammed the door open and carried me through the hot flames. Then I was safely outside in the cold mist. Where was my father? With my eyes half open, I staggered to Monique. Monique was kneeling beside a person, crying bitterly. Slowly, I opened my eyes a bit wider. It was my father! My mind swirled with confusion. His head was half covered in blood and his body was burnt vilely.

I stared at the ruined body and all the words that came out of Father were, “I regret my actions. I am so sorry. You will always have a place in my heart. Take care.” Before I could take a breath, his eyes closed into an eternal sleep. I placed her finger on his nose but no air was coming out. I almost fainted but a pair of hand caught me.

‘Your father was lighting the candles so you and him could have dinner together,’ cooed Monique, ‘but then he accidentally spilt wine all over them. From now on, I’ll be your guardian. I do not care if you hate me or don’t accept me as your mother. I will still be there for you.’ My world was falling apart.

The next morning, I woke up in Monique’s house with a frown on my face. I remembered the last words that I had said to my father, “I hate you!” All of those miserable things were over. I needed to accept my new changes. But before I washed my face, I ran out of my room and gave Monique a hug, saying, ‘I love you Mum!’ Life must go on…