Lil' Jon: Unqiue is the Key.

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A certain image or style is associated with all types of musical artists. A country singer would be expected to wear a cowboy hat, a rock star might never been seen without a guitar nearby, and a classical musician usually will be wearing a tuxedo during a performance. But, when it comes to music such as rap, one artist has definitely defined a unique style for himself. Lil' Jon's image is incomparable and consists of wild clothes, flashy jewelry, a one of a kind hair style, many different accessories, and even an entourage.

Artist's clothes that he/she wears are an important aspect of their success in the music industry. The more wild an outfit is the more attention an artist might get. Lil' Jon has definitely gotten a lot of attention from just his clothes alone. He can often be found wearing tee shirts extremely to big that go down to his knees, and sometimes a throwback sports jersey over the top to match one of his many pairs of very colorfully wild sneakers.

Baggy pants are a must, as well as shorts that touch his ankles. Like his shirts, Lil' Jon's pants are large and loosely fitted. His sneaker of choice is the Nike Air Force 1, which have to stay crisp and clean. To tie the whole outfit together Lil' Jon often will wear a hat from one of his favorite Atlanta sports teams. Even though his outfits may sound simple enough, they are not. Everything must be new, clean, and most important; every piece of clothing must match the next.

Everyone wears jewelry, but never to the same extent as Lil' Jon. He wears everything from watches and bracelets, to necklaces and earrings. But his jewelry is definitely not ordinary. Everything has to...