Line Extensions and Product Modifications.

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Line Extension

Campbell's Soup at Hand Soup

Sippable, Portable, Microwavable

Campbell's Sout at Hand is a new way to eat right when you're on the run. Now people can enjoy

sippable soup, anytime, anywhere. Four soups are currently available in sippable, heat-and-go microwav

able cups. Plus, seven new flavors coming in August.

This new addition to Campbell's soups is closely related to the existing product line, but it is

designed specifically to meet different needs of customers on the go.

Product Modification

BMW 6 series

Much like the original, the new 6 Series Coupe will be noticed first for its looks. The styling is bold,

purposeful, dynamic and elegant all at once. Its unique design with sleek and flowing lines, all supplement

ed by the harmony or elegant surfaces, gives the new 6 Series its unique character. With its smooth and

powerful engine, its outstanding agility and abundant interior space, the new BMW 645Ci will set new stan

dards in the luxury sports coupe market on many fronts.

With the addition of the new 6 Series, BMW is replacing the original series introduced in the 1970's.

That and the fact that it has undergone some major changes qualifies it under the heading of Product


Quality Modifications

Energizer e2

Today's high-tech devices demand a high-tech battery. Energizer e2 is designed with Titanium

Technology and Advanced Cell Construction for, what Energizer claims, exceptional power.

The advantage titanium technnology & advanced cell construction is engineered with a unique patented

titanium that unleashes stored energy to power your most demanding devices. And it also utilizes internal

space more efficiently to unlock more stored energy.

This change is relating to the products dependability and durability. Since most of today's devices l

ike video cameras, mp3 players, cd players, require more and more power, I...