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In today's economy businesses are driven to examine costs and achieve an efficient way to increase profitability. With budget cuts, IT departments are faced with reducing the total cost of ownership while delivering to deliver essential business application services. This can be achieved depending on the company's computer operating system. The controversy of which operating system to use is up for debate. Apple's IOS and Microsoft Windows are great but they cost money while Oracle Linux is free and open-sourced. Linux is no longer just for "super geeks". Oracle Linux have made is easier to use and manage.

Technical Background

Technical Background

In 1991 a Finnish university student named Linus Torvalds purchased an IBM 386 personal computer. He wanted to see how the new Intel chip was working but was frustrated with the MS-DOS Operating System that ran the computer. He had been working with the UNIX system at school but it was too expensive for his personal computer.

He then tried to get a MINIX operating system but found out that all of the source code was not available to the public. The source code was necessary to study and improve the software which Torvalds wanted as a programmer. So a frustrated Torvalds decided to create a new operating system based on UNIX and MINIX.

Torvalds thus decided to create a new operating system from scratch that was based on both MINIX and UNIX. It is unlikely that he was fully aware of the tremendous amount of work that would be necessary, and it is even far less likely that he could have envisioned the effects that his decision would have both on his life and on the rest of the world. Because university education in Finland is free and there was little pressure to graduate within four years,