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Morgan McFadden


Senior English 1

12 August 2014

Which Lion Do You Feed?

The Lion King, a popular children's adventure film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animations, is about a lion cub named Simba and his journey to becoming king of the jungle. I watched this movie many times as a child and even saw the musical on Broadway. I was more enthralled by the luminescent colors and singing animals than the plot at the time, however, watching the film as a more mature audience allowed me to see a valuable moral that actually changed my outlook on the world and the way I live my own life. In the movie, Simba's father and king of the jungle, Mufasa, is killed by his jealous brother, Scar. Scar is an egotistic lion whose selfishness and envy lead him to murder his own brother in order to take Mufasa's power for himself.

Simba, who was framed by Scar for his father's murder, runs away into exile. While he is away from home, Simba grows up and meets loyal friends along the way. They live by the motto "hakuna matata", which means "no worries", until Simba runs in to an old friend, Nala, from his home. She tells him that Scar has taken over and the Kingdom is in terrible condition. She calls on him to come back, defeat Scar, and take back his rightful place as king. Although Simba is very hesitant, Nala convinces him to face the challenge for the memory of his father's beloved kingdom. He embarks on this life-threatening mission very unsure of himself, unaware of his true strength at heart. When Scar and Simba battle, Scar puts up a tough fight and Simba almost gives up, then, at the last moment, a...