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Individuals living with HIV/AIDS are at constant risk of stigma and discrimination. Stigma can be identified as a situation where an individual is denied or does not have full social acceptance. There are moral constructions of HIV/AIDS that can include beliefs that HIV/AIDS is a "homosexual" problem and because of certain religious views, the attachment of HIV/AIDS to sexual orientation becomes the subject of moral judgment. However, the truth of what underlies stigma is fear. This fear includes feelings of the unknown or something that is different. Stigmas are usually based on individual morals and beliefs. According to the blueprint for action "Leading Together: Canada Takes Action on HIV/AIDS, 2005-2010 (Canadian Public Health Association, 2005), there has been a demand for a strategic action on HIV/AIDS. The blueprint identified in its mission the need to advocate for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, while working with organizations across the world to build alliances and implement effective responses.

The blueprint also identifies the current state of HIV/AIDS in Canada by outlining nine goals it would like to achieve by the year 2010. This group has focused on the goal of shared responsibility which entails advocacy in the education systems. For this reason, the group has outlined an interactive workshop in Toronto secondary schools which will provide students with knowledge and some skills to become participants and advocates in society, families, and communities. It will also recognize the need for youth as stakeholders and peer support systems in the greater context of HIV/AIDS services and programs in Toronto.

Target PopulationThe epidemic of HIV/AIDS tends to be ignored and hidden in society. However, it is important to keep the community educated, especially the youth population. This workshop is targeted towards high school students, particularly from grades 9 to 12. It will provide...