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Essay by miatompkinsB+, May 2014

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Mia Tompkins

Period E

College essay

"Do you have a disease?" was a detrimental question I was asked in just about the fourth grade.

It was from there on that I noticed people looked at me differently then I looked at myself. Growing up I didn't see anything wrong with my height, in fact life seemed pretty normal up until kids started noticing. Being frustrated with my friends towering over me laughing when I could barley reach the chalkboard were the struggles of my childhood. I soon then began to see the disadvantages of my height rather than the benefits. I had to look at it as a special respect to have for myself in ways I didn't understand.

As I grew older things such as "midget" or "little person" began becoming a common word placed in my head on different occasions. I then had hope that I could educate people on my stature and not the misconception of words.

I didn't crack under the pressure, nor do I ever, however being noticed by my height and not who I am became weakening.

I can maneuver through crowds easily, and always look younger than my actual age a