"The Lord of the Flies" writen by William Golding.

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An adventurous story called "Lord of the Flies" was composed by the illustrious author named William Golding, the story describes the life of many kids who are ambushed in an uninhabited island because the plane they took fell and now no one on the mainland knows they're there. Ralph, a young kid emerges as being the leader of the island considering that there are no grown ups in the island he has to put order and summon the group of kids that are left.

Piggy a fat, annoying, little boy was aware by the fact that there weren't any grownups in the island and he desperately asked Ralph if there were only kids left. Ralph answered back in a solemn way it was then until "the delight of a realized ambition overcame him" (pg. 8) Ralph noticed that there had to be someone who will be the commander or chief of the island.

Ralph is overwhelmed because he had just discovered that there weren't any grownups there "he sat back and looked at the water with bright, excited eyes" (pg. 10) it was then when all of the thoughts of being all alone came into his mind.

Ever since a little boy said that he had seen a snake-like beastie, all of the smaller boys have had nightmares with this awful creature. Ralph started to explain to the kids and he told them that there are no such things as that small monster in the island he "looked for confirmation round the ring of faces" (pg. 36) to see if they agreed with him, most of the older kids agreed but there was still a doubt left among some of the little ones. Ralph wants to do his best to help these kids forget about the beastie...