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Louisiana state report What is the population of your state? 1. 4,368,967 What is the Capital city of the state? 2. Baton Rouge What are the ten largest cities in the state? 3. Baton Rouge 4. Alexandria 5. Lake Charles 6. Lake Providence 7. Covington 8. Monroe 9. Lafayette 10. Metairai 11. Donaldsonville 12. New Orleans 13. Oakdale How many counties are in the state? 14. 66 What is the largest mountain in the state? 15. Driskill Mountain What is the largest river in the state? 16.Red River What countries, states or bodies of water surround the state? 17. Texas 18. Mississippi 19. Gulf of Mexico 20. Arkansas 21.

Who is the Governor of the state? 22. Mike Foster What is the five leading agricultural products? 23. Cotton 24. sugarcane 25. soybeans 26. rice 27. corn Besides agriculture, name the 5 leading industries in the state.

28. Manufacturing 29.

mining 29. tourism 30. commerce 31.

What is the 5 main natural resources in the state? 32. Natural Gas 33. petroleum 34. coal 35.


What is the gross domestic product of the state? 37. $121.1 billion Who are the United states Senators from the state? 38. John Breaux 39. Mary Landrien How many members represent your state in the Federal House of Representatives? 40. 7 How many members are in the upper house of the state legislature? 41. 25 How many members are in the lower house of legislature? 42. 16 Who is the lt. Governor of the state? 43. Kathleen B. Blanco Who is the secretary of state? 44. Fox McKeithein Who is the secretary of treasury? 45. John N. Kennedy Who is the Attorney General? 46.

What is the main mountain range in the state? 47.

What is the average temperature in the state? 48. 85 degrees F What is the average rainfall in the state? 49. 60 in.

What is the state bird? 50. Brown Pelican What is the state flower? 51. Magnolia What is the state song? 52. Give Me Louisiana What is the mascot of the state university? 53. Boyou Bangel What is the main private university in the state? 54. Boyou University Name five famous people who came from your state (dead or alive).

55. Lois Armstrong 56. Geoffrey Beere 57. Truman Capote 58. Kitty Carisle 59. Micheal DeBekey How many members are in the state supreme court? 60. 9 Who is the chief of justice of the state Supreme court? 61. Pascal F. Calogero When was your state admitted into the United States? 62. Apr. 13, 1812 How many square miles are in your state? 63. 49,651 sq. miles How many electoral votes does your state get? 64. 9 What is the motto of the state? 65. Union, Justice and confidence What is the nickname of the state? 66. The Pelican State What is the state tree of the state? 67. Bald Cypress Name a major historic event that occurred in your state? 68. Civil War What two sources did you use for this project? 69. Internet 70. Encarta