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There has been many different forms and divisions of the mafia. The mafia has existed in many different parts of the world. The Russia mafia which has to do with soldiers fighting and protecting their land. The mafia in Europe which was the one the first styles of mafia. Also the Sicilian mafia which has many kinds of style. The style that came from the Sicilian background that took the United States by storm is the American mafia. Throughout history the mafia has existed in different forms, but none has had the effect like the American Mafia. The origin of the Mafia goes back to the 18th century. The Sicilian were being forced out of their land and homes by the Arabians. So the native Sicilians took refuge in the surrounding hills. The Sicilians formed a secret society, called the mafia, to unite the natives against the Arabians and Norman invaders.

The society's goal was to create a sense of family unity based on Sicilian heritage ( Sifakis, 4). By the 19th century, the society known as the Mafia grew larger and more criminally based. In 1876 Mafia Don Rafael Palizzolo, Mafia member, ran for political office in Sicily. He forced the voters to vote for him under gun point. After being elected, he made Mafia Don Crispi his prime minister. With the two of them in office they put Sicily under their control. They took the government funds and use them to support the Mafia organization.

Giuppe Esposito, Mafia boss, became the first known Sicilian Mafia member to come to the United States safely ( Kelly, pg. 5). A large number of immigrants came to the United States in 1870. That year about 100,000 Italians came into the country.

The next year about 5.3 million had followed. About 80...