For love or Money

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For Love or Money

Every year in the United States, several holidays are celebrated. Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day, and Easter, but it seems that the two most popular are Valentine's Day and Christmas. Valentine's Day, being a favorite for lovers all over the world and Christmas being a favorite for children. Although they have two completely different meaning, they share many similarities.

Valentine's Day, a holiday honoring love and romance, is celebrated on February 14th. Couples express their affection for one another in flowers, chocolates, romantic candlelit dinners, and an old favorite, Valentine's. I'm sure many can remember being a kid and receiving a "Be my Valentine" card from that special someone. It is one day in the year intended for setting aside work and problems to show your love. Many women cook their significant other a wonderful dinner with candles and champagne. Some men make up for their occasional insensitivity with a girl's best friend, Diamonds.

Overall, Valentine's Day is a favorite for people so they can show and receive love.

Christmas, by far the most hectic and fast paced holiday, is truly the most meaningful one. It is the birth of Jesus Christ, celebrated on December 25th. On this holiday, people forget the true meaning and everything turns money-oriented. No one gathers with their family anymore to drink egg nog and sing carols. Everyone is standing in a twenty foot line at Toys- r -Us waiting for the new XBOX. Children enjoy this holiday for the reason that they get to leave milk and cookies for Santa and his reindeer. What they take pleasure in most of all is waking up to presents under the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Christmas is not about presents and money. It is about showing your loved ones how...