The Love of a profeser

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I'd like to tell you about what happened to me a little while ago. I'm still at school, and my friend Jackie and I enjoy hoisting up our skirts and wearing skimpy undies (or none at all!) to try and turn on the men teachers. It gives us quite a thrill to see the bulges in their

trousers when we cross our legs and flash our crotches at them! Anyway, last week, Jackie and I were at games, and we were showering afterwards, soaping each other up and generally getting quite excited: Jackie has a nice slim body with pert tits that really stand out on her chest, topped with little pink nipples that stick out through her top (she hardly ever wears a bra). I noticed in the showers that she had shaved her pubes, leaving her crack naked, so you could see her lips clearly. We were enjoying our shower so much that we were the last to finish, as usual.

Of course, what with all the soaping, our teenage bodies soon started to get all excited. Jackie's nipples were sticking out even more than usual, and she was breathing heavily, and I could feel my cunt getting hot and sticky. As I was soaping Jackie's heaving tits, oblivious to anything else, the soap slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor. I bent down to pick it up, presenting a great view of my tight little snatch to Jackie. All of a sudden, I felt something pushing into the entrance to my virgin cunt. I looked round to see Jackie, grinning all over her face as she worked two fingers inside me. Now I have had plenty of lesbian fun before with my schoolmates, so I knew what to expect as I reached behind me...