The Lucky Escape.

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" Dad I hate this town. I want to go back to our old house" mumbled Matt

" Go to bed Matt. You've got school tomorrow" replied Dad

"Okay I'll go to bed but I still hate this place!" snapped Matt before trudging off to his room.

"Wake up son! You've got to get ready for your new school" called Dad as he was passing Matt's bedroom.

Matt's family had just moved to a new town because his father had a job promotion but Matt felt it was really a demotion. Okay, I know I'm nervous about starting at a new school but I hope I make some friends on the first day. Maybe then I might start to like this dumb place.

The bell rings. This is it. Everyone is bolting along to class. Which way do I go? Great! Lost in the first five minutes. Then a guy who must be a teacher points me in the direction of a blue door with "SCIENCE" written over the top.

I shyly walked in and find myself being stared at by 20 or so pimply faced 15 and 16 year olds.

"Everyone, this is Matt. It is his first day at this school, so can I have someone to show him around?" Announced the teacher, a Mr Trench.

This kid put his hand up and said that he'd take me around. I went and sat next to him. I introduced myself and he told me his name was Joe. Joe seemed nice enough he told me that the school was an all right place.

Relief! I've survived the day and everything went okay. I'll ask Joe if he's doing anything after school.

Joe answers "Nothing Matt. Would you like me to show you around the bush? There's some real Aboriginal...