Lunar Bases.

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Magazine Article #1: Looking for money on lunar surface

After we went to the Moon with Apollo 11, we somewhat lost interest in learning more about lunar bases after that. We still saw lunar bases in sci-fi books and movies but that was about it.

Some people now who have more money than they know what to do with are looking to the moon again. NASA thinks it would be interesting to have the moon be a tourist place, but they have more emphasis on research and development. The Lunar Resource Co.'s Artemis Project has one of the best ideas so far, but its too sci-fi fantasy. The LRC's Vice President Ian Randal Strock says, " One of the main obstacles to finding investors is getting over the giggle factor." LRC is looking into sending tourists to the moon, putting them in nice hotels and letting them walk on soil no one have ever been on before.

So far the LRC has only made moon mugs, moon T-shirts and moon calendars. The LRC says tourist will be on the moon in 15 years and the retirement facility will be built in 20 years.

They also want to mine on the moons surface for helium used for cheap fusion. Also, solar energy is unlimited on the moon because there is no atmosphere, and the days are long and bright. Silicon exists on the moons soil in high concentrations, they say it could be used for solar power generators, and there is more than enough iron for wiring. Those raw materials could make the moon the shipbuilding capital of our solar system.

There is one problem when it comes to making bases on planets. What country owns what planets? "The United Nations has said that no country can claim sovereignty over a...