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Everyone does stupid things in their life. Just because they do these things, it does not mean that they are stupid. I have done many, many stupid things in my life. One of the stupidest things would probably have to be lying. Not only did it ruin me but it hurt my friends and family.

Lying has hurt me more then anything has ever hurt me before. Not only would I feel bad about myself, but others would start to dislike me. I blame myself for what happened to my life. What I mean is, if I had never lied, then I feel my family and my friends would still trust me and talk to me like they used to. Lying got me a very bad reputation. If I had never lied, I think, I would have many more friends. I realized what was happening to my life.

I tried to get them to be my friends again, but it was to late.

I was already known as the kid that always lies. Even when I would tell the truth, people wouldn't believe me. I hated my life at the time. Even my family wouldn't believe anything that I would say.

Then I slowly was able to be trusted to tell the truth. Little by little, more people would start to talk to and listen to me. But just like everything else, it took a lot of time. A lot of people took caution on what I would tell them. I tried to tell the truth.

I saw what lying did to me and decided that I had to break my habit. Like every other habit, it was really hard to stop lying. I was very happy when people started to talk to me.

I couldn't be forgiven that...