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How It Made Me Feel I have never felt as though someone has prejudged me, so I have no real life experiences to go on. When we read this in class it kind of annoyed me cause I don't get how people can say that about are country because it is not the laws nor the country that determine how people are treated, but by the ignorant people who don't know any better. Whether you live in the United States or in an other country there will always be ignorant people who judge others before they know them. Also I don't think most people realize how good they have it here and how much more benefits they have here. Many countries don't have nearly as many laws about discriminating. Like I said before I have personal experiences with this, but I do realize that it would hurt your feelings and make you wonder all the time what is wrong with you when nothing really is its just the people that have the problem.

If I had to choose between living in a country where laws are made to protect us from ridicule that is undeserved or living somewhere where people have no rights and prejudice and hold grudges just because that is what they are brought up to think. I also know that there will always be prejudice people because we just can't help it even though people may say they would never do something like that, they don't have to judge someone by their race or religion it could be something as simple as judging someone by their hair color. Someday though I hope all people can just drop their differences and get along.