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Case Stduy: Mailboxes, Etc.

HISTORY Mailboxes, Etc.'s (MBE) mission is to make business easier worldwide through their service and distribution network and deliver personalized and convenient business solutions with world-class customer service. MBE was founded and began franchising in 1980. An international development plan was implemented in 1991. MBE provides mailbox services, copy services, fax, U.S. Postal Services, packaging and shipping services, office supplies, printing, and much more. Currently, MBE is the world's largest franchisor of independently owned and operated business, communication, and postal service centers. It became a subsidiary of UPS in 2001 with more than 4,500 locations worldwide. MBE generates more than $1.5 billion in revenues annually and more than 124 million customer visits per year.

SITUATION ANALYSIS STRENGTHS According to the information provided by the case study, MBE is the world's largest nonfood franchise operation. There are more than 3,700 centers in 59 countries and MBE provides numerous services to its customers.

MBE has also recently introduced MBE Business Express, a superkiosk that dispenses business services to travelers. MBE has successfully established a very broad market with a wide range of customers.

MBE has also successfully and cleverly promoted its business services with the Super Bowl ads as well as contests through its Web site. As a plus, the contests have also allowed MBE to build a database of franchise customers to whom it can send future mailings and offerings.

WEAKNESSES According to the information provided in the case study, MBE's promotional efforts appear to be aimed at the U.S. market since all the contestants have been in the United States. The contests and ads that air during the Super Bowl are seen all around the world, which encourages franchisees worldwide to enter. However, American football doesn't command the same high involvement and strong following outside the...