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Who makes what cool? Where do today's teenagers get their idea of individuality? An answer for these questions lies in a television network called MTV. Using music videos and popular teen stars they are able to convey a message of what to wear and how to act. MTV started out simply showing music videos, now they have television programs and events. One specific show on MTV called TRL (total request live) shows the most popular music videos that are out. On this show they have anyone from young movie stars to the latest rapper. The whole show is live and they bring in fans from the street to be the audience in the studio. If you ask any teenager they would probably say that they have seen or at least heard of the show.

Music videos are a big part of music. They are a way for musicians to express themselves however they want to.

These videos show the way the artist dresses, acts, and the type of things they are into. This has a strong effect on younger viewers. Today's youth culture feeds off of these videos to find out how they should act to be cool. Although, if teenagers were to act out what they saw in most music videos they would most likely be arrested. Each video tries to be original in their own ways, trying to look hardcore or like pimps. Most of the audience consists of people under the age of sixteen. At this age they can be very easily influenced. By these videos they are taught that sex and drugs are good things to do freely. The music videos give youth a false perception that crime and rebellion can achieve wealth. Just because it worked for some of the artists does not mean it...