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Medicinal Marijuana

Legalizing Medicinal Marijuana on a Federal Level

August 15, 2008

Composition II ENG102

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This is a growing debate and this paper will follow the history of marijuana use. The Federal government maintains that marijuana is a drug that should be controlled and banned substance under all circumstances. There is a need to legalize medicinal marijuana on a Federal level. There are states that have legalized medicinal marijuana and doctors are running into problems when the Federal government is not recognizing these prescriptions and arresting patients and criminalizing them. Each perspective will be discussed; the current debate, the Federal Governments point of view, a doctor's point of view, and from the consumer's point of view. Also, there will be a conclusion as to why medicinal marijuana should be legalized

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Current Debate

Michigan is the first Midwest state to legalize medicinal marijuana which is rekindling a political issue which was reported in July, 2008 in the Chicago Tribune newspaper.

"Michigan voters will go to the polls in November to decide whether to legalize the medical use of the drug. A dozen states have already adopted similar laws, but only in New England and west of the Rockies. Five municipalities in Michigan have passed local medical-marijuana laws, however, and the Minnesota Senate and Illinois House recently approved medical-marijuana bill (both later died in the state legislatures). Medical use of marijuana also has been debated by lawmakers in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Missouri," (Midwest…, 2008).

This is a current issue that states are speaking out about, legalizing medicinal marijuana. This is not just a west coast issue but it is also an issue in the conservative states that exist in the Midwest.

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