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Maldives is known to be the Paradise of the World. It is famous as the ultimate romantic getaway destination for tourist. Today, the sunny side of life is meeting the darkness and strife. The Maldivian society is having a battle with several problems, including drug abuse. According to Haveeru News (2012), this problem is so deep-rooted that every Maldivian family has at least one member who is an addict. UNICEF statistics show that the average age for first time drug users is twelve. Due to this, drug abuse has become a national issue that urgently requires a solution.


According to the Police Sergeant Imran (2012), in 1972, with the advent of tourism in the country, drugs were introduced in Maldives..

As UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) claims in a country report 1998 that official recognition of the problem came in 1977 when a person was arrested with 350 grams of hashish.

As a result, the first principal legislative act of the Maldives dealing with narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (Law No 17/77 - The Law on Drugs) was passed the same year in order to stop it. A drug centre was established for the first time in the Maldives in 1997.

In early days, there was not much action taken by the government. Due to this, parks and seaside areas, has become an earlier place for youth to socialize, have become sites of crime and drug use. Without hesitation, addicts are no longer afraid to deal drugs on the main streets. As a result expansion of gangs and drug-abuse as risen and become a national concern. In 5th December 2007, Maldives launches its first national campaign 'Wake up' on drug prevention.

The question...