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Mankind has a fascination of travelling since the prehistoric time. The urge to explore new places and seek a change of environment is not new to human. The pursuit to discover something discrete was a conversion from the pursuit to discover something new due to the rapid advancement of technology. The diversity of culture and natural beauty of the world is supplying the sustenance to the tourism Industry moreover this industry is the essential support to the discovering nature of human. However, the explorative nature of mankind had made earth become a smaller place for this industry. In this modern era there is a new wave of tourism that could give humankind an opportunity to feed childhood fascination of men to experience the unknown that is space tourism. Space tourism is a commercial activity that offers a direct experience of the space environment initially via sub-orbital flights to the customers but eventually they also offer via orbital and deep-space flights.

Dennis Tito Became the first space tourist in April of 2001 leading him to open a new door of space tourism then it was followed by Mark Shuttleworth a South African entrepreneur to be the first African national in space. In 2006 Anoushe Ansart, the first astronaut of Iranian descendent, became the first female space tourist and she was also accompanied by another tourist Gregory Olsen a U.S scientist and entrepreneur. Spaceports that are built is stand ready to take in the new orbital and sub orbital space tourism market together with employment opportunities and their associated economic. Based on the recent studies done by NASA as well as other organization, it is shown that the market for space tourism, both orbital and sub orbital, are sizable. It is also stated that the markets of this industry will grow...