What is management?

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When regarding the word of management, some words relevant to management flash into my mind: style of management, management thought, business management, manager, etc. When the process of management is performed by human beings, people show their varied styles of management based on their personalities. Some managers are objective; however some managers seem to be autocratic. They impose their decisions and solutions in their organizations. Not only managers embrace different styles of management, but also the style of management of government in different countries can be anywhere on the scale, from fully authoritarian (dictatorship) at one end of the scale to fully participative (policy decided by the people) at the other end. For example, Japan is fairly authoritarian in its style of management with little or no power sharing.

There are Four Major Schools of Management Thought 1. The classical school of thought. It embraces the use of productivity measures, bureaucratic/hierarchical control structures and scientific management techniques.

2. The behavioral school of thought. It embraces the use of sociological/psychological techniques. 3. The modern school of thought. It avoids bureaucratic/hierarchical control structures, and embraces the use of teams and cooperation as well as sociological/psychological techniques. 4. The systematic school of thought. It embraces techniques that integrate both scientific management and sociological/psychological techniques.

Style of management, management thoughts I mentioned above are just some contents about management, but “what is management?” Actually, the answer to this question is the basic of management. Xiao Fang who is a member of my discussion group, said: “Management is the process of achieving organizational goals by engaging in the four major functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. This definition recognizes that management is an ongoing activity, entails reaching important goals, and involves knowing how to perform the major functions of management.” What she said was...