Management and Leadership

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Managers today are not only successful because of their abilities to organize and delegate, but also their capabilities to innovate, mobilize and encourage other employees within an organization. The manager role is typically associated with leadership, but it does not necessarily mean a manager is an effective leader.

In any organization, good management is a key attribute to the success. Organizations that are able deliver all four functions of management will succeed and survive the constantly changing market. The effectiveness of business management is measured by the achievement of organizational goals and the method in which the organization attempts to reach those goals is their efficiency. In general, we associate achievement with one's ability to meet the goals set, but a successful organization will have maintained both an effective and efficient plan in meeting those goals. To achieve one at the expense of another does not prevail in the end.

Management, not to be confused with leadership, can be defined as necessities need to run any business from start to finish. During the planning stage, goals are set the steps needed to achieve the goals are laid out. Activities included in this phase are situation analysis, objective determination and most importantly, the deliverance of strategic value. Using and grouping the available resources takes place in the organization stage. It may take multiple groupings to achieve the best working conditions. To inspire employees to perform at the highest level is done through leading. In order for an organization to work for a common goal, employees must be directed as well as motivated through the process. Leading takes place at all levels of an organization beginning at the top with the president or owner and down to the production floor. Lastly, in the controlling function, the achievement of the goals are measured...