Management and Leadership Paper

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Management and Leadership Paper

Being a leader is not necessarily being a manager and being a manager is not always being a leader. Being able to distinguish the differences between a leader and manager is not always simple. Today's demanding business unquestionably adds to the level of difficulty in determining, who is what. This paper will be illustrating the differences that separate a leader from a manager and vise versa. This paper will also review the duties and roles of a leader and what is needed to create and sustain a strong organization.

Today's offices are a demanding environment. Outcomes are needed more rapidly than ever before and usually these results are accomplished by far fewer employees than expected. Companies strive to remain competitive by implementing new technology so information can be converted into useable data at a quicker pace than ever thought of. In the core of this activity are the front line managers.

These supervisors will directly impact the companies that they labor for. Their management style influences retention, career satisfaction, and costs. Leader or manager, which is better and why?

Webster's online dictionary the definition of manager is a person who controls resources and expenditures. It goes on to characterize management as "the process of leading and directing all or part of an organization, often a business, through the deployment and manipulation of resources, like human, financial, material, intellectual or intangible ( Managers direct a business, generate guidelines, and supply the needed support to perform the business objectives of the upper management or owners. Goals are set by managers and then controlled by providing directions and expecting progress.

Managers exhibit control and rationality in most situations. Another ability that a manager must have is problem solving. They need to raise the query "what is the dilemma that...