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STEP 1The organization with which I am familiar is Accurate Weighing Machines. This organization manufactures mechanical weighing machines.

STEP 2The difference between management and leadership within my selected organization:There are many managers in my organization; however, the sales manager turns out to be a leader. The reason for this is that; The sales manager:1. He thinks radically. He has used several unorthodox means of increasing the sales of the company.

2. He is a real friend of his subordinates.

3. He is very intuitive. He carves out sales territories based on his intuition and inspires sales persons to make sales calls based on their instinct. This has often led to large surprise sales.

4. Even though he reports to the marketing manager, often employees in the marketing department flock to him and treat him as a confidant.

5. I have found that sales teams are very loyal to him and this has helped Accurate increase its sales.

This material is taken from the website:" When people like Frederick Taylor first began to study management, he used a stopwatch to see how well people on a factory floor could improve their productivity. Back then, productivity in the American workforce was determined more by the performance mechanical tasks than by the ability to process information or build service relationships, the way it is today. The purpose of a manager, in Taylor's day, was to be the one who knew the most about the work, and the one who took greater control to assure productivity and profit. Imagine being supervised by a manager with a stopwatch!Now we live in an information age, and no one can "know everything" about a job the way the managers of yesteryear (supposedly) did. In an information age, managers have had to shift toward becoming the...