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"A leader is one who influences others to attain goals. Leaders orchestrate change, set direction, and motivate people to overcome and move the organization toward its ideal future" (Bateman & Snell, 2004, p30). An effective leader will delegate tasks to other individuals and trust him or her to carry out the assigned task to completion. In the Spokane Public School, the principal in each school holds the role of leader. The job is for the administrator to understand the process of education and the state and federal regulations that mandate education. The administrator is then able to communicate effectively to all instructional staff the curriculum that needs to be implemented in each classroom.

The principal at Madison elementary is new at being a principal and he is young. He does not always come across as honest or a true leader. This individual is more interested in where he can go within the district and how fast he can get there.

The type of leader he is is to give commands and that they are to be followed through no questions asked. This causes a barrier of communication within the school.

Some teachers have been at Madison for years and former principals have let him or her teach his or her class the way that he or she wants to teach. The new principal comes in and says this is how we are going to do things. The best way for the principal to delegate would be to open up communication and discuss different situations with the staff and use the input from the staff to make decisions. For example, the principal is not familiar with teach developmentally impaired children and therefore cannot come into the classroom and tell the instructional staff how to run the class. If he feels...