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Poor negative atmosphere in the working world creates meager employee self-esteem problems. When management thinks and looks at employees as second-class citizens, one has the tendency to believe that this is the normal way of life.

After reading the essay “Serving in Florida,” written by Barbara Ehrenrich, one gets the idea that restaurant work in Florida is not a pleasant situation. This situation has a tendency to humiliate the employees which could lead to reduced production of work. She discusses the idea that pitiable management or low income affects the socio-economic level of all employees. The low wages create problems of underprivileged housing conditions because it is impossible to do this on minimum wages. Money plays a majors role in today’s society because of expensive bills and medical healthcare insurance.

Personally, one can make an observation of employees working on minimum wages and employees who makes more than minimum wage, and see there is a big difference in the living styles.

The citizens, who work for minimum wage, must live in lower housing communities. Most of these citizens are getting some kind of assistance from the government such as food stamps and medicaid. On the other hand, the employees who worked for higher wages live in middle class neighborhoods, own cars and work for management with very good benefits. Some have benefits ranging from good healthcare to 401k retirement plans.

Ehrenrich was quoted as saying, “everyone knows they (managers) have crossed over to the other side, corporate as opposed to human.”In my opinion, one realizes that Ehrenrich is very concerned about the future outcome of the minimum wage employees. She constantly refers to conditions that they must work under and the impact this has on their everyday life. She insisted on making sure that the readers get a...