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MBWA-Hewlett-PackardHewlett-Packard adopted the management strategy called management by wandering around. This was developed by executives in the 1970's. This new approach to management was thought to be just a fad. As time went on this management style was adopted by many large and successful companies. Managers from the bottom all the way up to senior vice presidents are expected to take part in this. Employees benefit from this by knowing the expectations of the employee and also knowing how the employee is doing can boost moral in a company.

Management by walking around means that a manager had to be out and about conversing and listening to employees. "This is an informal practice that involves keeping up to date with individuals and activities through informal or structured communication. Trust and respect for individuals are apparent when MBWA is used to recognize employees' concerns and ideas."(HP Web site).

The whole concept to this management style is very simple.

A manager is expected to be out and about speaking and interacting with employees. This must be done consistently in order for it to be effective. As human beings we have the need to be praised and told that we have done a good job. This is how managers learn about the employees. Employees are the most valuable assets to a company. Employees can be unhappy at a company and if there is no communication between the employees and management then the problem that exists can not be corrected.

If there is a problem within an organization this can be fixed if managers know about it. In the early stages of a problem management can take steps to correct the problem before it gets out of hand. Hearing side conversations between employees can also help to curve gossip in the work environment...