Manager in the real world.

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Every organization has the same characteristic, which is they all have managers for running their business, whatever how big the organization is. What is management? As an old fashion issue, people still ask themselves what manages do exactly in organization. As many test books defined initiatively the management are functions of planning, organizing, controlling, commanding and coordinating. (Fayol, 1949)

Henry Mintzberg said, "What managers do can best be described by looking at the roles they play at work." In management, it is generally divided into three management roles, which are interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles (Robbins, 2003,p11)

The interpersonal roles include figurehead leader and liaison. The informational roles contain of receiving, collecting and disseminating information. The decisional roles consist of Entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator.(Robbins,2003,p13)

In Suzie's case, Suzie actually did her first job as a manager by using several roles, which I just mentioned.

Firstly she did an informational role, which is receiving and collecting information, because when she came into the shop, she asked the supervisor for the current business situation. Receiving information, which is also called monitoring that means receive wide variety of special information as much as current to develop fair understanding of organization and environment. (Robbins p12) so as we can see Suzie firstly did that. We cannot just focus on what Suzie did for her first performance, we also should think about what the role of supervisor did at that moment. In management there are several levels of managers, they are also classified in any organizations. They are particularly broken down to three levels, which are first-line managers, middle managers and top managers. (Robbins, 2003,p7) Supervisors are generally included in first-line managers. As defined the first-line managers are supposed to manage the work of non-managerial individuals such as...