The Managerial Plans in Building an Innovative Organization.

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The Managerial Plans in Building an

Innovative Organization

The article titled "The Manager's Role in Building an Innovative Organization" discusses key plans managers utilize to develop a successful innovative company. Organizations must be competitive in order to survive the fast changing pace of the business world. Organizations must be committed to an innovative environment required for success and respond quickly to the ever changing competitiveness of other companies. To have an innovative company the structure of the company must provide stability. Committing to innovation is imperative for survival in the 21st century.

The Manager's Role

Managers of organizations play an important role when creating an innovative company. They must go through steps and process to embrace innovation. One of the first plans is to continually challenge the status quo. "Managers must constantly disrupt the status quo and create new ideas" (Buhler, 2002). Managers must be aware that change in the company will be necessary and that the old way of doing things will not work any longer.

They must embrace new ideas and not be content with the old way of doing things nor the old products and services (Buhler, 2002).

One of the next processes that must be accomplished is to create new products for the marketplace. There must be new products implemented and commercialized. "Innovative companies can reap the advantages of being first movers in the market, often enabling them to earn above average returns and customer loyalty" (Buhler, 2002).

Managerial Plan 3

Although seeming simplistic, the implementation of innovation and new products may fail and then the reliability of innovation may be challenged.

Creating an Innovative Culture

These products and new ideas may be challenged while building an innovative culture within the company which creates an extremely important task for managers. Managers must be open to change...