"Managers and leaders in contemporary organizations need a knowledge of reframing to effectively manage people". Discuss this statement.

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Today's organizations become more complex, more ambiguous, and more unpredictable. So how should managers and leaders to respond to these challenges?

Along with the world is changing constantly, everything has been changing, like the Internet and information revolution, globalization of economies, demographics and ageing population, decrease in new born babies...etc. Changing is the trend of development of society. All kinds of environment such as investing, marketing, financing and operating environment has been changing for organizations.

Organizations have to face the changing and deal with the changing to fit with the market trend. The challenge of finding the right way to frame our world or organizations is more difficult than ever before. In order to adapt with the changing world and business environment, organizations have to change and adjust their frames to survive in this competitive market. Reframing is the way that organizations rework and adjust incomplete and unsuitable frames they have.

Frames and reframing like tools to help organizations to operate effectively. They can use the tools to develop rules and regulations to guide organizations on the correct path. "Experienced managers also understand the difference between possessing a tool and knowing how to use it" (Bolman L & Deal T., 1997). It is no doubt that managers and leaders in contemporary organizations need a knowledge of reframing to effectively manage people.

Reframing Organizations offers four frames to look at organizations: structural, human resource, political, and symbolic, all generated from a broad knowledge base of social sciences - sociology, psychology, political science, and anthropology.

Reframing provides leaders and managers new perspectives to understand and manage organizations. Frames are both windows on the world and lenses that bring the world into focus. Frames help us order experience and decide what to do and frames are tools. The ability to reframe experience enriches...