Managing E-Business Simulation

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IntroductionThe value of e-business depends upon business models that respond to applicable drivers of value. Particular factors of an e-business model will major function to and have power over some the various aspects of influencing e-business value considerably.

Efficiency and customer service are definite driving factors in regard to added value to organizations. Gone are the days when one would toil for days, or even weeks, on end, waiting for satisfaction of a requested product or good. This aspect, of course, goes beyond the sales market. Organizations that subscribe to e-business enjoy a wide expanse of enhanced goods and services due to e-business options. Many information and communication transfers now exist that never would have previously been possible. Data and information can now be shared in a matter of seconds, that otherwise would have taken at least a day.

Lower cost and superior management of previously complex machinations, behind the processes and transactions in the business community, are also possible because of the expedient nature of the e-business explosion.

Value is created exponentially by organizations that have the basic plans such as those in place and are ready and able to implement them accordingly.

Corporate undertakings consist of both non-value adding factors and aspects or decisions that will increase value of the organization down the road. The value adding factors are very important in the overall direction of the organization, as they guide the success of the business via the functions of everyday business, such as sales, customer service, marketing practices and operations. Some of the non-value adding functions, such as accounting and finance, need to be taken into consideration, also, as the too have their part in the entire equation.

The opportunities abound for businesses that had previously followed a more conventional path before the advent of e-business, in...